To become a certified peace officer in the State of Georgia, an individual must meet eligibility requirements and pass an 11-week Basic Law Enforcement Training Course through an academy approved by the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council (POST). After graduation, officers have ongoing POST requirements to maintain certification including annual training for De-Escalation, Use of Force, Community Policing, Ethics, Legal Updates, defensive tactics, and firearms requalification skills. 

The GTPD Training Unit is responsible for supporting officers throughout their career at GTPD. Recruit officers receive training support before and throughout the Academy process. All newly sworn officers take an Oath of Office, and enter up to 12 weeks of an extensive Field Training and Evaluation Process (FTEP). Officers-in-training are evaluated throughout FTEP for technical proficiency, safety, and community fit, with a final evaluation by the Command Staff before they are able to patrol the campus without an experienced Field Training Officer at their side.  

GTPD officers exceed the 24-hours of state-required annual training, with 60 hours of Department-required annual training. The average GTPD officer receives 120 hours of advanced and specialized training each year in order to better ensure the safety of our students, faculty, staff, and visitors. The Training Unit provides much of this training in areas such as Fair & Impartial Policing, Mental Health First Aid, Crisis Intervention Training, Verbal Defense and Influence, Defensive Tactics, Criminal Procedure, Ti Simulation training, and Responding to Active Shooters.   

With more than 25 POST-certified law enforcement instructors on staff, GTPD is often called upon to offer classes to other agencies throughout the state, particularly Mental Health First Aid. Several of our instructors have taught classes nationally and internationally.