The Property & Evidence Unit is part of the Criminal Investigation Division. It is responsible for securing and tracking all items that are collected by GTPD Officers as evidence, seized property, or lost and found.

Property and Evidence

Items collected for Property & Evidence during a criminal investigation are stored until the item is no longer needed for law enforcement purposes, and then is either returned to their owner or destroyed. Any non-evidentiary items will be discarded after 90 days.

Lost and Found

High value "lost" items that are turned over to GTPD are securely stored with Property & Evidence. We make every effort to identify the rightful owner and return the property.

Here You can submit a description of the property that you lost, and we will contact you if it matches up with items that have been turned in to us. You may also contact the Property & Evidence phone number (404-894-9967) to leave a message about your lost item. Your message should include your name, phone number, the date when you lost the item, where you believe you might have lost the item, and a detailed description of the item.

Please note that due to the large number of inquiries we receive, we will only contact you if we believe we are in possession of your lost property. If you have lost high value items (such as jewelry, a passport or electronics), please stop by to file a police report.

Property pick up hours are Monday through Friday, 8am to 3pm, excluding state holidays. We strongly recommend calling 404-894-5493 to schedule an appointment to pick up your property. This ensures that someone will be available on the day of your arrival. You will need to bring your ID to have the property released. 

Lower value objects (such as clothing, notebooks, bookbags, keys and headphones) are often stored in the building where they are found. Check with the Residence Hall Director or the Building Manager where you may have lost your property.