Campus Events

For the safety and security of Georgia Tech and the surrounding area, all special events should be shared with GTPD.

Event coordinators will need to complete the Request for Special Event Security Form regardless if the event is hiring security. If you have questions about security for your event or special guest, please contact Captain Hill at 404-889-9519.

From marathons and construction projects, to film productions, sports events, concerts, and public celebrations, the Special Operations Unit is responsible for ensuring safety and security during hundreds of special events on the Georgia Tech campus every year. Security for these events may include coordinating with outside agencies including the U.S. Secret Service, the FBI, and the Georgia State Patrol.

Individual Institute departments and organizations are prohibited by Georgia Tech policy from independently contracting with outside policing or security services without the prior approval of the GTPD. All assignments or functions will be performed by, at the direction of, or with the approval of GTPD. 

Captain Archie Hill coordinates security for all special events, including duties of the GTPD K9 unit which consists of four explosive detection dog/handler teams. These teams regularly train to detect explosives in the campus environment. Prior to large events, the teams search campus venues as a preventative measure, and during the event they work the venue entrances to prevent the entry of explosive devices. The teams are on call 24/7 to clear suspicious packages of any potential explosive device, and deploy on missions throughout the State of Georgia when needed. The GTPD K9 Unit is funded with grants from the Georgia Emergency Management & Homeland Security Agency.


Arranging for Security at Your Special Event

If you have questions about security for your event or special guest, please contact Captain Hill at 404-889-9519.

If you need security services at your event, please complete the Request for Special Event Security Form.

Campus Event Planning Resources

The GTPD Special Operations Unit works closely with Institute’s Events Logistics Committee (“ELC”), a campus organization consisting of members of various Institute service departments. The purpose of the ELC is to provide information and guidance, ensuring that you have all the information you need for your campus event to be a success.

Depending on the size of your event, you may be required to coordinate your arrangements with the ELC. See the ELC webpage for additional guidance.

Here are some resources and tips for special event planning at Georgia Tech, pulled together by the Special Events & Protocol unit of Institute Communications.

GT Athletics Events and Campus Calendar

To check other campus activities for possible scheduling conflicts: